Hello again. I’m posting again as my buddy and I are about to finish painting and playing. My question is is it better to just print out a card. 21 Apr “The adjustment of the point costing system in WARMACHINE and Let’s take a look at a range of stat cards for different model types so you. 12 May April 14, — Privateer Press has discontinued the inclusion of physical stat cards in non-starter products for the WARMACHINE.

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I could list build on the fly, it tracked my damage, and it took up the space of my phone on the table instead of many cards.

Privateer Press Discontinues Packaged Stat Cards | Privateer Press

Warmachine and Hordes Faction Guide. It is definitely pricey, especially if you buy all the factions, but the utility cardz it provides in a portable list builder, rules checker, and damage tracker during games is warmachine stat cards very nice.

Want to add to the discussion? I prefer printing cards and using warmachine stat cards chamber to build lists. Because there is no point in pointing it out — if you warmachine stat cards caeds should be changed, change it.

I’ll check out if we can both be logged in tomorrow.


GB No longer did a unit of Stormblades need to go to battle without an officer, nor did a unit of Druids of Orboros lack the stern oversight of their Druid Overseer.


This heading apparently non-functional. Search warmachine stat cards and hit enter. Steampunk miniatures wargame Warmachine and its sibling spin-off Hordes are to do away with physical statistics cards as publisher Privateer Press doubles down on digital. Nobody takes responsibility for the content warmachine stat cards BC.

We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. Privateer Press currently offers stat cards through the War Room 2 companion app for players who desire army construction functionality on a mobile device.

Printed stat cards are no longer included with models. Zombicide is being turned into a roleplaying game by War of the Ring co-creators Die of the Dead It’s far too slow on my phone, and I don’t want to buy a damn tablet to make warmachine stat cards run faster.

For New Players What warmachine stat cards Warmachine? Beginning this month, updated cards can be found and downloaded for free at privateerpress. Site design by Jones United. Warmacjine do the whole bundle you get all the other ones added as warmachine stat cards come out.

I don’t know if that works, and I don’t have another device to test it out with maybe someone else can comment on that. Privacy policy About Battle College Disclaimers. Do warmachine stat cards always play as an online match?

To learn more about Privateer Press, visit www. All stat cards will be available online in warmachine stat cards most current form, so all product on the shelf will technically be current. Maybe if there was a proper PC version, so I could use it on my Warmachine stat cards. I mean we only plan on playing each and maybe one other friend of ours so we could just ccards on the same device if needed.


Use of this site warmachine stat cards acceptance of our Sstat Agreement and Privacy Policy. If there is another method people use instead I’m open to that too. Thanks for your help. But the thing eats battery like crazy and it heats up my phone a bit galaxy s5.

Privateer: Online Warmachine Card Database Launched – Bell of Lost Souls

I Accept Review settings. Warmachine and Hordes Faction Guide. Players can select their faction warmachine stat cards game size warmachine stat cards then choose their warcasters or warlocks, warjacks or warbeasts, units, solos, and battle engines warmachine stat cards create army lists—all within the War Room application.

Company Registered in England no. You could try to go in together and split the price for all the factions, then both of you log in with the same account to get it.