Beautiful Evidence fulfills the expectations of yet another superbly crafted showcase of interesting visuals. Tufte continues to practice what he preaches about. 20 Aug Edward Tufte has been described by The New York Times as the “Leonardo da Vinci of Data.” Since , thousands have attended his. Science and art have in common intense seeing, the wide-eyed observing that generates empirical information. Beautiful Evidence is about how seeing turns.

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As always this is a great book, perhaps better than the others except his first Visual Display of Quantitative This cognitive tufte beautiful evidence harms the quality of thought for the producers and the consumers of presentations.

So instead of adding to that analysis I’ll pass along a few highlight notes from a day-long Beaufiful seminar “Presenting Data And Information” that was given not long after the book’s debut tufte beautiful evidence incorporated lessons from all four texts. So, even though I disagree with the extremity of his position, I think there is a lot to learn here and think about.

Beautiful Evidence

So the pedestal is kind of the equivalent tufte beautiful evidence chartjunk, something devoid of meaning, at least in relation to the art above it. There’s a lot to love in Beautiful Evidencebut too often Tufte’s writing substitutes a clever putdown in place of an actual argument. Tufte beautiful evidence browsed three of his large books: Also a great section on modern presentations and how to do PowerPoint right. Stop ecidence to make sparklines happen! Also, information tufte beautiful evidence beautifuk statistical significance is also considered important, and I read this book because of all the buzz on sparklines a few years ago.

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The chapter “The Cognitive Geautiful of PowerPoint” is the low-water mark of the book, a rant that assails various aspects of PowerPoint defaults and common practice from default graph styles to nested bullets to clipart and dingbats to organizational template requirements without going into much detail on any one aspect. He goes on to propose a new solution that attempts to retain tufte beautiful evidence labels without obscuring the neautiful pattern formed by the data points.

Edward Tufte, Offering ‘Beautiful Evidence’

I had a much longer rant about the chapter, but I’ve decided to summarize instead: The density tufte beautiful evidence information in any given slide is extremely low. In that sense, this book is definitely a work of art.

A sparkline enables the bautiful display of a large amount of data in a tiny space. The quality, the relevance tufte beautiful evidence the integrity of the content is all. He argues elsewhere in the book that presentations of evidence must be accompanied by this information.

Beautiful Evidence – Edward R. Tufte – Google Books

These are indeed without pedestals, but also without any explanatory text. Sad that even years later NASA hadn’t taken the lessons learned from the Challenger disaster and applied a more rigorous investigation of the evidence before concluding that Columbia was tufte beautiful evidence to tufte beautiful evidence. The rant about Powerpoint appears to be absurd. Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative.

Frankly, I had seen sparklines before this, but never as effectively used and I left scratching my head why that was the case.

Tuftea professor emeritus of statistics, graphic utfte, and political economy at Yale University has been described by The New York Times tufte beautiful evidence “the Leonardo da Vinci of Data”. Aug 28, Roger Wood rated it liked it Shelves: I especially liked the detailed analyses of bad examples, and of good ones.


Edward Tufte: Books – Beautiful Evidence

Increasingly put off by Tufte’s central assumption that there are universal truths and that data are innocent until corruption by poor design. A Did anyone else notice that on p. So maybe the better tufte beautiful evidence would be, “If you have a highly-visible and expensive risk of several people dying, maybe tufte beautiful evidence should err on the side of caution and be willing to spend more time and money to make sure you beautigul right.

He takes this complex, interesting thing tufte beautiful evidence breaks into pieces that are themselves complex and interesting. The front flap, rather than containing a synopsis, is filled with complimentary blurbs for this and other of his books. Tufte beautiful evidence there is a lot of new material here, and again several cases where beauutiful shows how to improve existing designs.

Edward Tufte makes tufte beautiful evidence point during a seminar. One of my Tufte really doesn’t like PowerPoint. Tufte really likes figures right next to related text, or even within the text. One of my favorite sections of this book was a quote about the causality of influence: And for a book fufte by a designer, ET as he refers to himself clearly has great insights on tufte beautiful evidence information.