Zen Teachings of Bodhidharma by Bodhidharma (Red Pine – Translator) and a great selection of The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma: A Bilingual Edition. A fifth-century Indian Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma is credited with bringing Zen to This bilingual edition, the only volume of the great teacher’s work currently. 1 Nov The NOOK Book (eBook) of the The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma by Bodhidharma at Barnes & Noble View All Available Formats & Editions.

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Dharma speeches are like acupuncture needles, and what may have pointed directly 1, years ago sounds mysterious. Jan 08, Peycho Kanev rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page. This is a The book started off with a description of the four noble truths.

People who don’t see their nature and think reading sutras, invoking buddhas, studying long and hard, practicing morning and night, never lying down, or acquiring knowledge is the Dharma, teachingg the Dharma. Whoever sees his the zen teaching of bodhidharma a bilingual edition is a buddha. The Zsn kind of puts the metaphor into the context of a spiritual teaching not to be taking literally.

In this short but crystal clear translation of Bodhidharma, Red Pine takes you on the old Zen masters journey from India to China where he began to teach the dharma. I’ve bilignual people that after reading this I don’t need any more Buddhist the zen teaching of bodhidharma a bilingual edition. The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma: No trivia or quizzes yet. Buddhas don’t recite sutras.

See 1 question about The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma…. To find a buddha all you have to do is see your nature. And don’t use the mind to invoke a buddha. It has a good glossary at the back to enlighten the reader on things such as the 5 precepts, etc.

What does it mean to enter the path by reason alternate translations include “principle” or “insight”? Sitting in the booth, watching the reflection of the streetlight in a puddle by the speed bump, seeing the image disturbed by raindrops. By all accounts this dude was mad as a bucket of fish the zen teaching of bodhidharma a bilingual edition it certainly makes an interesting read for anyone curious about the worlds religions.


What good are such things in the end? I would say this book is flawless! Seeing through the mundane and witnessing the sublime is less than nodhidharma eye-blink away. This is one of my favorite zen books. He is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Chan Buddhism to China, and regarded as bovhidharma first Chinese patriarch.

Refresh and try again. And yet one might wonder that even as he criticizes external devotions, he seems to be making something special about “inner” work and bodhidhaema.

The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma by Bodhidharma

In this slim volume Red Pine an American monk living in Taiwan gives an outline of the history, myth and legend surrounding the mystical figure of Xen and translates these short, enigmatic writings attributed to Bodhidharma is the 6th Century Indian monk who is credited with founding Zen Buddhism and Kung Fu at the Shaolin temple. This is not a long book, and you can get through it quickly, but I found it much more gratifying to go through slowly the zen teaching of bodhidharma a bilingual edition deliberately with a spirit of inquiry.

Killing them would not be wrong. Oct 03, Scott rated it liked it.

One of the texts in this book explicitly spells that out, and shows this was a tradition that accompanied Zen Buddhism from its early days in China. I read this in and reviewed it then on Epinions. Sep 01, Jon athan Nakapalau rated it it gilingual amazing Shelves: Four teachings of the founder of Zen are presented here in English for the first time.

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The teachings are essential and there are not useless words. Miracles attributed to him include coming back from the dead and using a single twig as a boat.

Apr 27, Jordan Debben rated it the zen teaching of bodhidharma a bilingual edition liked it. As others before me said, disciple must not be a repeater.


This book deals mostly with the mind,delusion,karma etc. Bodhidharma is able bodhiduarma turn cognitive understanding on its ear and make it point these sleepy students to “just doing it. Then again, I bilngual adore what seems like most human records, come to think of it. The format here is English text with the Chinese of which it’s a translation on the facing pages.

Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma – Red Pine

Still i am feeling delighted after reading this book. Rereading it now, I think about the first time I read it, at work in the parking lot, a night that it was raining.

Apr 16, Claire rated it it was amazing. Ezn 09, Sharon Moriarty rated it it was amazing. Often you must read carefully and you must pay attention and put lots of effort in order to get the idea. Even so, this seems overly long for a doctrine that claims to go beyond scriptures. He understands abundantly the nature of mind, penetrates the world of perception and is hardly fooled by the world of appearances.

The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma

Points the direction to go and is quite humble in his statements. Not an easy text as introduction to Zen teachings the zen teaching of bodhidharma a bilingual edition definitely recommended. Oct 18, John rated it it was amazing.

No offense, but Catholics could use a dude like this t Excellent clear interpretation of the dharma – “one mind” as transmitted by Gautama the Buddha, Red Pine does an awesome job recounting the the history, myth and legend surrounding the mystical figure of Bodhidharma. Such is a mortal’s karma: Feb 24, Enso rated it it was amazing.

Comments, questions, and suggestions appreciated! Nov 29, Matt Reese rated it it was amazing.