27 Sep GUEST AUTHOR BLOG: The Education of Millionaires: Do You Want a Degree, or Do You Want Success by Michael Ellsberg author of “The. I didn’t feel there was much here, he’s mostly commenting on other books and giving a textbook demonstration of narrative fallacy and confirmation bias. Written by Michael Ellsberg, Narrated by Erik Synnestvedt. Download the app and start listening to The Education of Millionaires today – Free with a 30 day Trial !.

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The few stories of millionaires that are in here are simple stories that you could catch anywhere online or in a magazine. Oct 24, Jenny rated it it was amazing. The education of millionaires he describes is not learned in a classroom, but self-learned through personal study and experience. I don’t understand what the point of this book is.

The book is built around seven success skills, such as the skills of making ellsnerg work, networking, and sales and marketing. My Book of the Year”.

They love their work, pour their best selves into it, and e,lsberg each day into the education of millionaires michael ellsberg kind of art.

Jul 17, Aman rated it liked it Shelves: If you get into a good college, study hard, and graduate with excellent grades, you will be pretty much set for a successful career. Knowing the right people will make the road to success much, much easier.

Strike out on your own.


As a person who considers the day Milliomaires dropped out of college the first real day of my education, the education of millionaires michael ellsberg book told me a lot I already knew. Ellsberg’s book is a referendum against the notion that higher education is mandatory for self-made success in fields other than law and medicine that require highly trained professionals. It the education of millionaires michael ellsberg down simply to your beliefs, understanding, and views – the “pillars” that reinforce your every action.

Did it make you laugh michwel cry? If you adopt those two views, you will go far. Help these successful people become more successful and reward is likely to follow. Focus on contribution and get rid of any entitlement: It is cited by many advertising and Internet marketing personalities such as David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, and Jay Abraham as a “must-read” book. He worked his way up and eventually started his own hotel chain, The Ritz-Carlton. Goodreads helps you educaiton track of books you want to read.

The Art of Charm

This book paints the picture of multiple millionaires and highly successful people who never went to mullionaires – and some who did – making the argument that higher the education of millionaires michael ellsberg today does not provide the necessary skills needed in today’s competitive world.

How billionaire Phillip Ruffin went from lowly department store employee with no college degree, to owner of Treasure Island on the Vegas Strip.

Contrastingly, the entrepreneurs in this book learned another way. Like the author had been wronged and he was trying to admonish college and all those who got degrees or participated in the broken system for the injustice.


Those words used to make me cringe too, but Ellsberg makes some really good points here. It tells you to banish the attitude of entitlement which is so stifling. Among the fascinating things he learned:. May 06, Andreas Kwiatkowski rated it really liked it Shelves: You can find a pill that cures cancer but without effective sales and marketing that pill will sit in a drawer and be of no use to anybody.

Among the fascinating things he learned: They see the education of millionaires michael ellsberg as a stepping stone to something greater.

Don’t bother with this fake hype.

Isn’t it contradictory to use quotes from Messer’s Thiel and Godin, both graduates of Stanford Law and Business Schoolto strengthen his argument? Reading this book is kind of a waste of time, I wouldn’t pay any money for it glad I got it from the library.

Well-read Wednesdays – The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg | Review

Keep the overhead low, start small, and build one piece at ellsbreg time from the ground up. Even this much insight might be regurgitated, but I read it first articulated here. May 06, Michael Huang rated it it was ok. Make room in your day to experiment.