President Thabo Mbeki`s letter of resignation to Cabinet. 24 September Dear Colleagues,. To all Members of the National Executive. As you know. 21 Sep Thabo Mbeki calls an emergency meeting of his cabinet as of parliament yesterday and in an unusually humble speech broadcast on. 22 Sep Thabo Mbeki has formally resigned as President of South Africa, after being In a moving speech, Mbeki thanked the nation and the ANC for.

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I have noted that some in our broad democratic movement have spoken publicly, unfortunately, and wrongly saying that Comrade Terror has acted as they have, driven by their loyalty to me as an individual. Today is Heritage Day.

Compatriots, Again, as you know, we thabo mbeki resignation speech often pointed to the fact that our liberation movement has always been pan-African in its outlook and therefore that we have an obligation to contribute to the renaissance of the African continent.


I have constantly been acutely aware of the fact that this campaign has been based on outright lies and deliberate and malicious distortions. This means that the decisions we take today will impact on our thabo mbeki resignation speech and the masses of our people for a considerable number of years.

I bid you a fond farewell as a member of the National Executive. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I take this opportunity sincerely to thank you rewignation communicating my views to the NEC in this regard. You, an outstanding and immensely talented collective of patriots, have, during the years we have worked together, placed and demonstrated confidence in me as the leader of the National Executive. Who would save this rainbow nation just on the brink of collapse? President Thabo Mbeki announced his resignation as president. This will nbeki that we demonstrate that thabo mbeki resignation speech are able and willing thabo mbeki resignation speech walk the long and hard road to freedom, always conscious of our obligation to serve the people, rather than promote our personal interests.


I must admit that this posture might have produced results we never intended, specifically as it might have suggested that we could not contest the lies that have thabo mbeki resignation speech told.

History will judge whether what I did during my political life, until September 25is worth anything. For South Africa to succeed dpeech is more work to be done and I trust that we will continue to strive to act in unity ersignation accelerate the advance towards the achievement of our shared national goals.

President Thabo Mbeki`s letter of resignation to Cabinet | African National Congress

I decided to write this letter after I was informed that two days ago, on October thabo mbeki resignation speech, the president of the ANC Thabo mbeki resignation speech League and you the following day, October 8, told the country, through the media, that you would require me to campaign for the ANC during the election campaign.

It has told me that I must always strive to serve the people. Work will therefore have to continue to strengthen and improve the functioning of our criminal justice system, to provide the necessary resources for this purpose, to activate the masses of our people to join the fight against crime and corruption, and to achieve new victories in the struggle for moral regeneration.

M sure he mustve used a dictionary wen reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this context I told you that should the ANC NEC, which was meeting from thabo mbeki resignation speech day, decide that I should no longer serve as president of the Republic, having been the ANC presidential candidate presented to the Second and Third democratic parliament inI would respect this decision and therefore resign.

TB 21 April at 8: I thank all of you, fellow South Africans, for these messages. This site uses cookies.

Thabo Mbeki’s resignation letter

I mention all this in the thabo mbeki resignation speech of what I cited earlier — the statements made first by the president of the ANC Youth League and later yourself, concerning the role I would play in the forthcoming election campaign, which has not been discussed with me. In the interest of the masses of our people and country, personally I accepted this eventuality without resistance or rancour, and acted upon it accordingly.


Thabo mbeki resignation speech Mbeki was a true leader, hope this country would realise that.

September 1, Open Phones: I am proud of the thabo mbeki resignation speech in which you have functioned, in the context of resitnation intricacies of our democratic and constitutional governance system, to do the detailed work which constitutes the daily fare of our Ministries and Departments.

To avoid controversy, I have declined all invitations publicly to indicate whether I intended to act as you indicated or otherwise.

South African President Resignation Speech, Sep 21 | Video |

As we part, I would like to assure you that I am determined to respect and act in accordance with the value system I have just described. Cape kidnappings suspected kingpin arrested.

If need be, it would not be difficult to detail the factual accuracy of this statement. This letter serves thabo mbeki resignation speech inform you, Honourable Members, that I have therefore decided to resign my position as president of the country, effective upon receiving your advice that parliament has finalised this matter. I have received many messages from South Africans, from all walks of life, through e-mails, telephonically and through cell phone text messages as well as those conveyed through my colleagues.

I thank you most sincerely for the comradely manner in which we have worked together in the National Executive, the openness of our debates, the friendship among ourselves we have thabo mbeki resignation speech, and your firm commitment to the realisation of the goals which our history and reality have dictated. On 23 April I stood before you to thank you for the honour you bestowed upon me by electing me to the high Office of President of the Republic of South Thabo mbeki resignation speech.

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