17 Apr RA 1. The Philippine Cooperative Code of ; 2. Signed by the President into law on February 17, and effective fifteen (15) days. 8/23/ 1. COOPERATIVE UPDATES. FE D. CAINGLES, CPA. REVISED. IMPLEMENTING. RULES AND. REGULATIONS OF RA. Name: Cooperative Code of the Philippines, (R.A. ). Country: Philippines. Subject(s): Cooperatives. Type of legislation: Law, Act. Adopted on.

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Cooperative Development Authority – Republic Act

The form and contents of the reports republif be prescribed by the rules of Authority. The legal basis for this Rule is Article 10 of the Code quoted as follows:.

Provided, That the disqualification does not extend to a party list representative being an officer of a cooperative he or she represents; and ” 3 Any government employee or official may, in the discharge of is duties as a member in the cooperative, be allowed by the end of office concerned to use official time for attendance at the general assembly, board and committee meetings of cooperatives as well as cooperative seminars, conferences, workshops, technical meetings, and training courses locally or abroad: Every cooperative shall, at its principal office, keep and carefully preserve the records required by this Code to be prepared and maintained.

In any case, the merger or consolidation shall be effective upon the issuance of the certificate of merger or consolidation by the Authority. Hearings may be adjourned for a valid cause or upon agreement of the parties. For the purpose of these Rules and Regulations, the following terms are defined as follows:. The general assembly shall have the following exclusive powers which cannot be delegate:.

The following conditions shall be considered in the registration and operation of Subsidiary Cooperative:. The procedure for such division shall be prescribed in the regulations of the Authority: Assistance to Cooperative Banks. Certification of the Secretaries duly attested by the Chairpersons of the constituent cooperatives that there was a quorum and the required number of votes for the approval was met. Appeal to the Office of the President of the Republic of zct Philippines.



The provisions of this Chapter shall primarily govern agrarian reform cooperatives: The board of directors shall determine the adequacy of such bonds. The general repulbic may decrease the amount allocated to the reserve fund when the reserve fund already exceeds the share capital.

This includes sites and services development, long-term financing and liberalized terms on interest payments. Formulation of rules and procedures and the conduct of meetings of General Assembly, Board of Directors and Committees.

Tax Treatment of Cooperative. Repubkic, That the Authority shall be officially notified of the occurrence of such fortuitous events. Majority of the board of directors may place the officer concerned under preventive suspension pending the resolution of the investigation.

Interest on Share Capital. The Certificate shall be conclusive evidence that the Laboratory Cooperative therein mentioned is duly recognized unless such recognition has been earlier revoked.

Manual of Rules and Regulations. Registration fee in accordance with the Schedule of Fees prescribed by the Authority. All sums computed in accordance with the bylaws to be due from a cooperative to a former member shall be paid to him either by the cooperative or by the approved transferee, as the case may be, in accordance with this Code.

The legal basis for this Rule is the third paragraph of Art. The representative assembly meeting shall be held in accordance with the order of business addressing the agenda prepared by the Board of Directors.

Violations of this prohibition shall be punishable in accordance with Art. IT shall also comply with the other requirements imposed by the Authority and the appropriate government agencies for cooperatives engaged in public utilities and services. The Plan of Merger or Consolidation shall include the following:.


The initial courses or any equivalent substitute thereof must be undertaken. Liability of Directors, Officers and Committee Members. Fifteen republi or more minors who are Filipino citizens, actually residing in the community or enrolled in an educational institution within or near the area of operation of the Guardian Cooperative or out of school minor actually residing in the community, may organize a Laboratory Cooperative composed of minors, which shall be seven 7 years old but below eighteen 18 years of age.

ProvidedThat such cooperative presents a certificate of good standing issued by the Authority, Repuvlic, and the local government unit concerned as proof that it has continuously provided the required public transportation services. If the electric service provided fails to provide the services requested within a period of one 1 year, the Agrarian Reform Cooperative may undertake to provide the electric services in the area through its own resources.

The rules and procedures on the agenda, time, place and manner of calling, repiblic, conducting meetings, quorum requirements, voting systems, and other matters relative to the business affairs of the general assembly, board of directors, and committees.

Thereafter, every newly registered cooperative shall be issued at cost a copy of this Code and the regulations promulgated thereon together with its certificate rrepublic registration. Provided, That such services are operated within the premises of the said educational institution; and.