My goal is to give a different view of the issues identified than what the bug bounty hunter focused on, since the original write-up focused more on the quick fixes to secure things, whereas I am more interested in the strategic changes that should take place to prevent these problems in the future. It is courteous but seldom done to send the interviewer a thank you letter thanking them for taking the time to meet with you. The Key areas that we recommend a candidate to be briefed upon are: For a defender, it’s okay for the world to know sensu. However, it can be effective for creating alerts based on traps. To exist as a business, the world has to know www. It can be difficult to create alerts on this data, so it’s more helpful for forensics.

In one of the older versions of the code base was a Vagrant config file that contained a second AWS key pair that then gave him access to seemingly everything. Most of all relax, speak clearly and be positive. Internal server exposed to the Internet The story begins when the attacker was tipped off to an Internet accessible server sensu. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. At this point, a honeypot can be valuable, so you can more easily identify when an attacker is scanning your internal network and attempting to move laterally.

Both these techniques can be accomplished with Bluto. Creating alerts can be tedious and prone to false przyk adowe case study na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej, so one solution is to set traps, or deceptive technologies as Gartner calls them.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Copy code to clipboard. Send the link below via email or IM. In this case, the defenders likely did not know their private server had become public. The Key areas that we recommend a candidate to be briefed upon are: It therefore becomes important to detect any attackers as soon as possible once they do get inside the network.

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On the other side is a canary tokenan interesting concept from Thinkst that they open-sourced. Ensure that you have all of the skills required for the position. I don’t have access to Nessus or other commercial automated scanners to know how well they work for this.

Security teams should also get comfortable rolling keys for the same reasons although the frequency doesn’t need to be as aggressive. Next they’ll want to have some sort of check on their iptables przyk adowe case study na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej ensure that’s not disabled or modified. Close At the end of the interview, you should: Normally an attack would need to try to identify sub-domains and IP addresses owned by the business.

Commercial solutions in this area are expanding, with Canary from Thinkst being one.

This document took advantage of przyk adowe case study na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej thorough notes provided by the attacker. Case study for defense To restate the introduction, this document isn’t meant to call out Instagram’s security specifically. The new credentials they found though demonstrated a different problem, which is that credentials were available that were supersets of the previous credentials. This is a scary and potentially difficult thing to do in many cases, but is reasonable for something like Sensu Admin, where quarantining the server would simply mean the ops team wouldn’t have a pretty UI until the przyk adowe case study na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej was resolved.

Internal server exposed to the Internet The story begins when the attacker was tipped off to an Internet accessible server sensu.

It is therefore important to implement least privilege to services as seems to have been done by Instagram to some degree and also detection. Using this they can then setup a periodic nmap scan from an outside host that would record differences and alert them of changes.

The exposed server was running https: That tool’s wordlist doesn’t have “sensu” as a possible sub-domain, nor did other tools I looked at. How long have you lived there? Lateness is never an acceptable part of the interview process for any client, but sometimes it is unavoidable. This is a nightmare to do thoroughly because so much third party code, libraries, and services exists in networks today. Przyk adowe case study na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej should try to have an homogeneous attack surfaces so they can focus their effort and ensure one type of surface is as secure as possible, instead of trying to secure many different types of exposed surfaces.

More aggressively, you could have kill switches on features. The previous problem allowed the attacker to find additional AWS key pairs because they were stored in data the attacker had access to with the first set of key pairs.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? You should always apologise to your interviewer upon arrival and this is good professional practice. It’s good because the exposed server couldn’t be immediately interacted with because it required a username and password, but it’s bad because this authentication feature ultimately led to the RCE.

When talking to developers about pushing code, they advocate that you should be deploying often, in order to recover from problems faster, ensure processes are automated, and other benefits.

So if you’re not keeping these secrets in your source control, where do you keep them? Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. This can not only detect things like AWS keys and SSH private keys, but is also a good practice because it can catch syntax errors in json files and all sorts of przyk adowe case study na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej issues. If the job is of interest, then it is advisable to send a short note expressing your interest in the role.

Canary tokens are simple web bugs, so when an attacker reads a page in their browser that contains the canary token, it get’s reported. Less obvious but importantly you should also: An informal 2 to 3 minute summary of yourself.

Auditing for problems like this, which could be classified as a misconfiguration, are difficult, especially for uncommon apps. You can use git pre-commit-hooks to check the files you are checking in.

Once an attacker obtains RCE via a service, przyk adowe case study na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej likely have all the access that service has, no matter what protections have been put in place. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: