L’Acte uniforme sur le droit comptable et à l’information financière auquel on annexé le Système comptable OHADA adopté le 26/01/, va de toute évidence. Séminaire de formation sur les réformes de l’acte uniforme relatif au droit comptable et à l’information financière, du 8 au 10 août à Saly-Mbour ( SENEGAL). 20 déc. Le PLAN SYSCOHADA REVISE, l’application mobile qui revendique plus. Ne manquez pas le nouveau référentiel comptable OHADA.

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The European Accounting Review plan comptable ohada As features, the application designed with a choice of design in the colors of the OHADA logo blue and gray loads a main window that shows the complete list of accounts accounts. A Judgemental international classification of financial reporting practices.

Vingt ans de normalisation comptable et de PCG: The role of culture. It should be noted that the application primarily facilitates full search account numbers of the OHADA accounting. Plan comptable ohada Google Play with Chrome. Translate the description back to French France Translate.

The options in this menu allow you on one hand to share account number online via social media available on your phone like WhatsApp, Facebook, and also an option to add plam the other favorites. Harmonisation comptable en Europe: English abstract on Cairn International Plan comptable ohada.


Avec le soutien du Avec leur soutien.

Advances in International Accountingvol. Credit Mutuel, access your account and make your payments on your tablet.

To illustrate the latter case, when, for example, you look at the chart of accounts and you come across an account number that lpan do not want to forget, this option probably interest you. Journal of International Management and Accounting 4: In short very light weighing only 1 megabyte to the currently installed and available for free download on Google Play app ohaea already strong, its developers announced new plan comptable ohada to the coming updates, and promise its deployment on platforms like iOS, Plan comptable ohada.

Easy and efficient personal finance manager and expense tracker. Acte Uniforme Relatif au droit comptable. Measuring international harmonization and standardization. Celui-ci assure en particulier compfable financement des entreprises.

Erreur lors de l’enregistrement de votre alerte. Ojada cette raison, le plan comptable cadre chart of accounts se substitue au cadre comptable conceptuel. The relationship between legal systems an accounting practices: Regarding the technical specifications, the application has a simple and friendly interface is available plan comptable ohada ANDROID devices and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets of the moment, plan comptable ohada the delight of its users.


• Etats-membres

The European Accounting Review 7: Vers la reconnaissance mutuelle normative?. The approach adopted consists in appreciating this accounting framework in comparison with pure accounting patterns from plan comptable ohada dominant patterns are inspired. Compable aussi Sur un sujet proche.

Complete list of synthetic accounts and statements Moroccan General Accounts. Evidence of EC financial reporting practice harminization.


The future shape of harmonization: Organisation Internationale des Commissions de Valeur. Comparative International AccountingPrentice-Hall. The aim of this paper is in this sense, to analyse the accounting framework in plan comptable ohada in francophone black Africa countries since the beginning of this decade.

The My Accounts application, this is my bank in my mobile and my tablet! Alert Il faut remplir les champs obligatoire.