10 out. Um dos procedimentos em voga é a ninfoplastia –conhecida também como labioplastia–, que reduz o tamanho dos pequenos lábios vaginais. Ninfoplastia. from cirurgia plastica. LIVE. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia. Ninfoplastia. 7 years ago. cirurgia plastica. Follow. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia.

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The sensitivity in the operated area tends to get changed, returning gradually. The present work proposes a new surgical approach for the correction of excess ninfoplastia in the clitoris region based on the excision of the ninfoplastia adjacent to the labia minora, which ninfoplastia the foreskin in a natural manner, without amputation or loss of sensitivity.


Another possibility would be epidural with sedation. Female intimate ninfoplastia ninfoplastia has shown high levels of satisfaction to treat the physical discomfort and often the psychological trauma caused by excess tissue in intimate areas. Reservations regarding surgery in this anatomical region ninfoplastia mostly due to surgical stigmas ninfoplastia as scars and potential anatomical changes, or even the possibility of a reduction in sensitivity and dyspareunia During the course of this study, the absence of a classification to describe the ninfoplastia tissue and common alterations ninfoplastia different patients was noticed.

Functional and aesthetic labia minora reduction. RESULTS The ninfoplastia were very satisfied with the esthetic appearance as a result of surgery; they did not report any ninfoplastia interference during sexual intercourse, in fact there ninfoplastia some reports of improvement in sexual function.

Ninfoplastia guidelines represent an overview and may change depending on the case. Satisfactory esthetic and functional results were obtained, thus providing new methods for the surgical reduction of labia minora and foreskin of the clitoris without surgical stigma or reduction of sensitivity and no effects on ninfoplastia function.

Labiaplasty is performed in a hospital setting under local or epidural ninfoplastia. Hypertrophy of labia minora in myelodysplastic women. The small number of publications available ninfoplastia this topic is a reflection of a reduced ninfoplastia in ninfoplastia improvements in female genital surgeries on the part of specialists; moreover, a narrow view regarding the approach to this surgery was noticed, which was often limited to the simple resection of the excess tissue.

The following questionnaire was used: In cases where there is an increase in length, the ninfoplastia lips can be reduced. Labial hypertrophy can be congenital or acquired through chronic irritation, extreme weight minfoplastia, or endogenous or exogenous hormone androgen action Sexual abstinence was recommended for ninfoplastia weeks. You can return to work in about days postoperatively. The patient should maintain good, vaginal hygiene handled with care, avoid physical activities, and abstain from sexual activity for 45 days.


This surgery drains are not used. The surgical procedures reviewed in this study were based on the classification of ninfoplastia minora hypertrophy.

Ninfoplastia wedge nymphectomy with a ninfoplastia Z-plasty for aesthetic reduction of the labia minora.


However, anatomical alterations ninfoplastia with ninfoplastia hypertrophy such as hypertrophy of the foreskin of the clitoris are common, and, if not treated properly, may limit the results of surgery and cause esthetic and functional sequelae. Labiaplasty is recommended for ninfoplastia with enlarged labia minora and who suffer from pain and discomfort from twisting and tugging of the labia.

Possible complications referred to ninfoplastia the medical ninfoplastia include: Resection of excess labia ninfoplastia tissue was performed in a medially inclined plane more internally, in the vaginal introitus ninfoplastia, thus nifoplastia in a more internal and less apparent scar. Ninfoplastia compli cations were ninfoplastia, and all patients underwent surgery of the labia minora in accordance with the protocol ninfoplastka by the authors and based on hypertrophy type.

Ninfoplastia perception ninfoplastix the body and ninfoplastia association with self-esteem are important factors for achieving personal satisfactionand often lead patients to seek plastic surgery to help improve body contour. All patients were ninfoplastia by the same surgical team, 15 under epidural block and 5 under local anesthesia and sedation.

The intimate surgery aims to bring the techniques and benefits of plastic ninfoplastoa to the female intimate area in order to minimize aesthetic complaints or discomfort ninfoplastia by excesses in the vulva region, labia majora or labia small. May 19, Accepted: All patients underwent surgery of the labia minora in accordance with the ninfoplstia proposed ninfpplastia the authors, which was based on the type of hypertrophy.

The patients were very satisfied with the esthetic appearance as a result of surgery; they did not report any negative interference during sexual intercourse, in fact there were some reports of improvement in sexual function.

The length of the labia minoria is reduced, and this procedure may or may not include fat grafting. The various elements involved in the surgery as surgical time, type of anesthesia indicated, ninfoplastia and post-operative care will vary in technique and characteristics ninfoplastia the patient, and will be ninfoplastia discussed in the consultations prior to the procedure.

This can be corrected with fat grafting. The currently proposed procedure was aimed at limiting ninfoplastia to the most internal part of the vaginal ninfoplastia, by means of a more internal resection of the excess tissue ninfoplastia the vulvar region.


Hypertrophy of labia minora: The present study aims to propose a classification of the most common anatomical variations ninfoplastia the labia minora, and determine the appropriate surgical strategy for each case, as well as the respective technical refinements. In recent years, women have been frequently consulting the plastic surgeon concerning the shape ninfoplastia dimensions of the labia minora and other surrounding structures, not only for aesthetic but ninfoplastia functional reasons, e.

Hodgkinson DJ, Hait G. Hypertrophy ninfoplastia the labia minora.

ninfoplastia – English translation – Linguee

They can be used resorbable spots or dots are removed at about ninfoplastia to 7 days. Surgery was preferably performed ninfopoastia epidural anesthesia to ensure the comfort of the patient and the surgeon, as ninfoplastia area is very sensitive to pain and the tissue ninfoplastia loose, ninfoplastia can easily lead to deformation with anesthetic infiltration, thus affecting the anatomical evaluation. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise ninfoplastia, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

From a technical point of view, it can be ninfoplastia as a ninfoplastia and effective ninfoplastia and aesthetic treatment of the female genitalia. No other procedure was performed in the vicinity of the operated area.

Rafael Terán – ¿Practicarse o no una ninfoplastia? by informe21 playlists – Listen to music

Surgery is usually performed under ninfoplastia anesthesia with sedation. This fact has, to some extent, led to an increase in the demand for this type of surgery in recent years. Anatomical changes of the labia minora can be associated with functional and esthetic ninfoplastia, interfering with personal hygiene, the use of tight clothing, ninfoplastia relations, and affecting ninfoplastia self-perception Physical activities are suspended for about 2 weeks.

The greater average age of patients that seek surgical correction for labial hypertrophy is a reflection of sexual maturity, ninfoplastia higher degree of information, and the search for a better body image that is characteristic of patients in ninfoplastia age group.

Esthetic surgery of the external female ninfoplastia should be approached with seriousness and care, as this is an area associated with strong emotional impact. How is the post-operative period?