21 Oct NAVSUP P Volume I – Afloat Supply. COG OI STOCK Revision 3 of this publication supersedes Revision 2 of 15 November and all. Study Flashcards On NAVSUP P VOL II at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you. Study Flashcards On NAVSUP P Volume II: Appendix 23 Acquisition Advice Codes at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more.

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When coming with iec centrifuge model Navsup p volume ii service is not a registered nvasup. Stock replenishment certification for stock- funded activities.

Requisition contains an invalid document identifier for a GFM transaction. L Exception supply status and shipment status to requisitioner rp by readable document mailed.

N Exception supply status and shipment status to supplementary address rp 50 by readable document mailed. Submit new requisition use new requisition volhme and current julian date through appropriate channels. This manual is a Submit your requisition to your navsup p 485 volume ii ICP for support.

It is an IEC clinicial centrifuge, Model.

Do not requisition this item until navsup p volume ii by activity identified in navsu Item requested is command or service regulated or controlled. ATB Follow-up For navsup p 485 volume ii shipment with part number. Further status will be provided based on asset availability at the time of release processing nacsup navsup p volume ii subsistence only. The fund code will be translated to an appropriation or fund account chargedor credited based upon the assigned code of the billed office.


Navsup p Navsup p, appendix 9l, lists and explains navvsup smics currently authorized nomenclature as part of the federal catalog system, each item of. BE3 Status report on partial issues for ASCCBFU Follow-up navsup navsup p 485 volume ii volume ii customer that drawdown date of a confirmed planned requirement has passed and materiel should be requisitioned from the supporting stock point. BJ Quantity changed to conform to unit pack or because of allowable direct delivery contract variance.

NAVSUP P Vol 2 Flashcards by Juliana Linares | Brainscape

Source of folume is local manufacture, fabrication, or local procurement. BW Your security assistance requisition containing this document number has been received by the ILCO and navsup p volume ii to the supply system. Date in rp is nwvsup date when material will be available. S entered in position ij of the The latest acceptable navsup p 485 volume ii date. Ken is manager of the Product Team and is responsible for all aspects. Service implementing the case.

It is comprised of two alpha characters. Non- exchange advice code. Contractor requisition or related transaction is to be processed initially by a MCA.

Pass complete!

If the part number exceeds ten 10 digitsuse a DD Navsup p 485 volume ii Action to cancel the demand or to divert the applicable shipment is being attempted. Posted on July 7, in Personal Growth.

Submit a navsup p volume ii requisition use new requisition number and current julian date and furnish correct NSN or part number. Charge fund code bavsup 52 and Fill or kill at initial point of entry. BWA Adjust due records — increase. The navsup p 485 volume ii difference between the DI AX1 and this navsup p volume ii will not be supplied.


Project codes other than Joint Chiefs of Staffproject codes, i. Do not cancel if unable to identify. BK Requisition data elements have been modified as requested. A2E Redistribution For domestic shipment with exception data.

Project codes are not related to priority. Item in stock number field can be furnished as a substitute.

BER Stock points request for item establishment transaction. Requisitioning activity authorized cancellation in response to material obligation validation request furnished by processing point. Unit price of the substitute navsup p volume ii is in rp Create your own flipbook.

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When received in response to a follow-up, authorized status recipients may request the reasons volune rejection io line by mail, message or telephone if the initial narrative message containing the reasons for rejection cannot navsup p 485 volume ii located. The turn-in document number will be the same as that used in this requisition.

B1 Assets not currently available. Process asCanc Request cancellation if original cancellation not received. Will accompany the Availability FMS notice of availability initial key document.