24 Nov An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to co-operative societies in the State of Maharashtra. WHEREAS, with a view to providing for. (1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, . 14 [(16) “housing society”means a society, the object of which is to provide its. (1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, . [(16) “housing society” means a society, the object of which is to provide its.

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Conditions to be complied with by members applying for loans. Explanation II to subsection3 of Section 29, proviso to sub-section 3 maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 Section 44, proviso to sub-section 2 of Section 66, 70 d75 2sub-section 2 to 3 of Section 78, sub-section 1 and 6 maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 Section 81, Sections 88 and 90 2Section 93 1 in so far as it relates to power of appointment of a nominee or a Board of nominees, Section 1 Sections to A, 31 bin cases where the Registrar is the appellate authorityand Decision of Cooperative Court.

Subsidiary State Partnership Fund. Matters in respect of which Registrar may direct society to make byelaws or society may make byelaws. Such declaration shall state that the applicant thereby creates a charge on such land or interest specified in the declaration for the payment of the amount of the loan which the society may make to the member in maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 of the application, and for all housig advances if any required by him which the society may 19960 to him such member, subject to such maximum as may be determined by the society, maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 with interest on such amount of the loan and advances.


Special general body meeting.

Classification and subclassification of societies. Annual general body meeting. The society shall, from the date of such order of cancellation, be deemed to be dissolved and shall cease maharaehtra exist as a corporate body.

Recovery of arrears of contribution, liquidity support or financial assistance. All powers of the Registrar under the Act and the said rules not being powers under: Form of Rectification Report.

Recent changes in Maharashtra Co-Operative Society Act 1960

Socifty the expression “short term loan” means a loan for a duration of less than 18 months; and. Other societies specified under clause vii of sub-section 1 of Section G. For encroachment of common housjng by members to be charged at 5 times the monthly maintenance charges for the period of such encroachment. Designated officer who is associate councillor to maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 to be designated officer on the ceasing to be such Councillor.

Application of this Chapter and definitions. Registrar’s powers to give directions to frame regulations.

Manner of publication of order under Rule Restrictions on borrowings from nonmembers. Resignation of nonofficial member.


Additional Registrars and Joint Registrars at Headquarters. Maximum rates of travelling allowance and daily allowance and sitting fees, etc for members of Committees. Mode of communication of an interim order under Section Fresh poll in case of destruction etc. Death of candidate before poll. Approval of State Government for purchase maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 shares. Account of election expenses, maximum thereof and lodging of account.

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Power to exempt societies or class of societies from conditions as to registration. Cost of election petition.

Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act,

Conditions for realising the assets and maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 the liabilities of the deregistered society by the Official Assignee.

Inspection of documents in the Registrar’s office by members of societies and the scale of fees for supply of copies of documents. In respect of Animal Husbandries Co-operative Societies and their Federations situated in the area of jurisdiction.