24 Sep Reading Arundhati Roy’s collection of lectures and articles about India could make you want to weep, or to emit the ‘feral howl’ she herself is. 23 Nov Listening to Grasshoppers: Field Notes on Democracy by Arundhati Roy Hamish Hamilton, Hardback, pp. , ISBN RRP: 4 Feb It’s an old human habit, genocide is. It’s a search for lebensraum, project of Union and Progress. Arundhati Roy. Listening To Grasshoppers.

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For the record, there is one instance of two possibly infected blankets being given to Native Americans inhundreds of years after smallpox and measles started spreading across the Americas.

Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers by Arundhati Roy

Even if you don’t agree with her views, you cannot miss her yearning for a beautiful India. May 03, McKenzie rated it really liked it. Lisgening way to replace the gangsters, murderers and hypocrites at the top of Indian society is listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy conduct a struggle against the system of capitalism itself, root and branch.

At listeninb heart of this book, and the message I sympathize with most, is an attack on arudnhati “purist politics” that characterize so much government rhetoric these days. Published by Hamish Hamilton Canada first published In this wonderfully written essays, Roy fiercely and courageously speaks the truth and voices for the oppressed, be it the adivasis, kashmiris or the citizens killed in the Gujarat riots.

Roy is an engaged intellectual, a rare breed these days–an Indian Noam Chomsky, one might say. Returning time and again to the same topics, Roy builds her case carefully. As well as copious endnotes and references, Roy includes a short story, The Briefing, in the Appendix. Roy discusses Hindutva, Hindu supremacy, and pulls no punches. Maybe some of us listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy understand and listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy to stop others so they can listen too, so they can think too and they can understand too.


Wonderful articulation of the pathetic state of affairs the country is plunged in. Throughout this collection, you may be reminded as I was, of the absolute irony of mankind’s destructive and self-destructive streak at its own hands, through the vote – Hitler, Sharon etc.

Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers

She doesn’t appear appeasing to anyone in particular and some of the things she says make way too much sense and makes you feel why we don’t hear more from her.

Letters to the Editor.

But he is our mass murderer. But Roy spares no one, and any American reader is sure to bristle when he reads her descriptions of genocide against the Indians in this country and her arguments that it was our former president’s “war on terror” that sanctioned violence against Moslems all over listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy world, including the slaughter of innocent Moslems in Gujarat ina crime for which no one has been punished. That then state leader of Gujarat and now leader of India Modi had a direct listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy in the mass killings and following protection for perpetrators is crystal clear as are his good relations with big companies and neoliberal think thanks.

Earlier this year, I interviewed a senior economic adviser to the Indian government. I never met Hrant Dink, a misfortune that will be mine for time to come. I was lucky to have enough knowledge of these things, but this does severely limit the non indian audience.

Colonialism is another theme – how India colonizes itself, how America sticks its corporate beak all over the place, and of course, Imperial Britain’s lovely legacy to her colonies. She remembered the swarms of grasshoppers that arrived in her village, Dubne, which was north of the historic city Dikranagert, now Diyarbakir. One cannot call it so. My professor was Sri Lankan and has spent time listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy India, so it was really interesting to learn about economies from a non-Westerner’s perspective.


Want to Read saving….

Review: Listening to Grasshoppers by Arundhati Roy –

Though this is a small collection of about 12 essays and a fictional account I have spent almost a month with the book. Sadly she has been muffled because of the harsh reality that she brings to the table and that makes a lot of people very uncomfortable.

The series of essays are widely controversial as they criticise the state of the government along with the whole nature of democracy, but she is listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy trying to cause the reader to question and to be exposed to what they are not being shown. Quotes from Field Notes on De All of them are connected via a common underlying theme which Roy brings out listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy her usual brilliant writings.

Feb 07, Sameer rated it really liked it Shelves: But then I am not a polemicist or a propagandist. Oct 01, Vazir Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yesterday, I tried in vain to convince my eighteen year old cousin to let me buy him a copy of her latest book of essays, Broken Republic.

When reading a book it is always a good idea to check up on the author? Roy is a great writer listsning a truly formidable polemicist.

Thats’s just one example. It’s easy to disregard her as being an anti national, leftist, “activist”, but it would be counterproductive. In her latest book, Listening to Grasshoppers: Scary is the only word! Roy’s passion and rigor will make you re-evaluate what you thought you knew about the U.

For Roy has a polemic listening to grasshoppers arundhati roy of writing that grips you and does not let go.