5 Oct The biggest contribution of the Java Concurrency in Practice to the Java world is not making concurrency easy but providing the correct and. “I was fortunate indeed to have worked with a fantastic team on the design and implementation of the concurrency features added to the Java platform in Java. 27 Jul Yes, it’s still valid in my mind. There isn’t big change in this area from 6 to 7. Fork- join is a new feature, which is very suitable for divide-and-conquer type of.

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Cliff Click Senior Software Engineer, Azul Systems “I have a strong interest in concurrency, and have probably written more concurreency deadlocks and made more synchronization mistakes than most programmers. Concurrency is no longer a subject for advanced users only. Synchronization also has another significant, and subtle, aspect: But all the existing stuff inside the book, such as synchronization, volatile, servlet, are still very valid.

It gives enough insight on Java and general concurrency aspects. Why String is Immutable in Java?

Many Java programmers were even not aware of new tools introduced in the API e. Newer Post Older Post Home. Composing Objects Chapter 5. This is a compelling reason to use encapsulation: Even so, this book is foundational. I was fortunate indeed to have worked with a fantastic team on the design and implementation of the concurrency features added to the Java platform in Java 5.

Difference between Autowired and Inject annotati Java Concurrency in Practice Quotes showing of By replacing the long counter with an AtomicLong, we ensure that all actions that access the counter state are atomic. How to design a vending machine in Java? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Writing code that effectively exploits multiple processors can be very challenging. Task Execution Chapter 7. Krishna 3, 14 57 Concurrency is no longer a subject for advanced users only. Atomic Variables and Nonblocking Synchronization Chapter I had very serious doubts that it would be current and useful given that this edition was published so long ago. This technique, thread confinement, is one of the simplest ways to achieve thread safety.

Java Concurrency in Practice

Java Concurrency in Practice arms readers with both the theoretical underpinnings and concrete techniques for building reliable, scalable, maintainable concurrent applications. Den Roman 4 7. We refer collectively to check-then-act and read-modify-write sequences as compound actions: Java Concurrency in Practice is revolutionary in its approach, smooth and easy in style, and timely in its delivery–it’s destined to be a very important book.

James Gan 4, 2 20 The fact that every object has a built-in lock is just a convenience so that you needn’t explicitly create lock objects. Brian’s book is the most readable on the topic of threading and concurrency in Java, and deals with this difficult subject with a wonderful hands-on approach.

Now this same team provides the best explanation yet of these new features, and of concurrency in general. This includes xoncurrency in other classes as well as overrideable methods neither private nor final in C itself.

Java Concurrency in Practice Quotes

Java Concurrency in Practice provides you with the concepts and techniques needed to write safe and scalable Java programs for today’s—and tomorrow’s—systems. Further, when using locks to coordinate access to a variable, the same lock must be used wherever that variable is accessed.


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If you don’t know how concurrency works, how Java memory model works, how thread interact with each other, what change they can see and what they cannot see, then you would face numerous challenges while coding, debugging or maintaining Java application. Each page is filled with the problems and conchrrency Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Is “Java Concurrency in Practice” still valid in the era of Java 8 and 11?

Passing a mutable object to untrusted code, or otherwise publishing it where untrusted code could find it, is dangerous — the untrusted code might modify its state, or, worse, retain a reference to it and modify its state later from another thread. The book offered them the xoncurrency introduction of those tools and how they can use them to write high-performance concurrent Java applications.

Yes, it’s still valid in my mind. It would be great to see coverage of many new features in Java SE 8 that relate to concurrency.

Well, the book looks promising when I read certain preview chapters online.