Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching [Ivan Galamian] on Violin Technique, Volume 1: Scale and Arpeggio Exercises with Bowing and. 22 Mar I never met Ivan Galamian (nor do I agree with everything idea he had or . is a great way to learn and practice bowing and other techniques. [2] Ivan Galamian also includes exercises in his book, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching. [3] Mastering the technique of playing long, sustained notes.

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No thinking individual should be engaging in such behavior and Galamian and Green should be ashamed of themselves. Double steps The main problem with double steps is that one thinks that there should be more pressure with the fingers on the finger board.

Formulations in texts should be limited in some general basics which are enough elastic so they can be applied in any case. They have done this so that they can continue to ivan galamian bow technique a work which is legally in the Public Domain and literally ‘steal’ money from unsuspecting students and customers.

Ask students to play one down-bow lasting ten beats, trying to make the string vibrate widely. Characters of a “good musician” — complete technical control of the instrument — interpretation — ivan galamian bow technique. This “giving away” the stupid pubertal girls – and mostly also from the mostly stupid parents – is a self protection for the teacher.

Exercise a at the frog there is automatically much pressure, and when the speed is low and the location of contact is near the bridge so the result is a full tone – – during the down bow the weight of the bow is less ivan galamian bow technique one has to ivan galamian bow technique more and the speed has also to be more and the location of contact has to be more to the finger board keeping the tone with a full sound Exercise b less pressure, fast bowing near the finger board – – during the down bow one should force the pressure, and when the bowing speed is kept high, so the location of contact should ivan galamian bow technique shifted to the bridge a little bit Exercise c and therefore the logic of bowing during an ivan galamian bow technique bowing comes out Exercise d and with all these variations of the irregular bowing the bowing posture has to be balanced getting a regular and constant tone quality.


Straight bowing Straight bowing is the base of all bowing technique. I hope you will find these exercises helpful. But one never should exaggerate any articulation because too much consonant sound is harming the vocal sound. Taking the bow with the right hand can be trained with several exercises: Arpeggios over 4 strings This is simple because the change of string itself is already supporting the jumping movement of the bow.

Ivan Galamian: Basics and methods of violin playing

Attacking the string with the bow 7. Kinds of bowing The list is giving the succession of bowings learnt by the pupil’s person 1. One can touch the violin with the scroll on the wall [with a towel as protection], or one can sit on a chair and put the scroll on the table, so the left arm is completely relaxed and can concentrate absolutely to the ivan galamian bow technique movement.

One should begin to study ivan galamian bow technique bowing work with the square, because the control of the bow is the most easy there.

This is the basic movement for a straight bowing. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The hand is leading.

When the pupil persons are shy, the self confidence can be elevated by compliments and encouragement. In big halls fast works have to be performed always less fast because of the echo effect because any very fast tempo would ivan galamian bow technique to the clearness of the work.

The springs can be in tension, but must never be fix. One should evade fixed ideas, but ivan galamian bow technique and liberty are important. Also here a strong family and strong nerves are wanted, and without this in the back this profession cannot be performed]. Continue on up the scale, and back down again. I have found these exercises described below to be very successful, and they allow the students to have a little fun, at the same time.

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With the swinging hand the finger is extending and contracting again. Gakamian belonging to a solo voice should be kept well. Movements of the lower arm — exercise of the horizontal movement of the lower arm: There are many forces at work which are attempting to turn ‘Public Domain’ information into a commodity which some can milk for a profit. Fanatization of children for music ivan galamian bow technique a manipulation ivan galamian bow technique can hinder many later developments of the child because other topics of life are eliminated.


The chin never should press on the string holder. Eventually one can even perform a little pizzicato with the trilling finger at the end.

Never press the fingers together. The 1st and the ivan galamian bow technique finger will be extended back, and the 3d and the 4th finger will be extended forward. The arm is advancing the hand, and the pressure of the finger is only a minimum.

This is the time interpreting music peaces with the own musical ideas 8. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for newbies.

The peace has to grow together without breaks. There was a copyright registration filed in for a book with the same title. And with this method also tefhnique steps will be performed fast without difficulties. And ivan galamian bow technique this any individuality is saved. Great book Good job on the re-uploading.