Are you looking desperately for a puzzle solution? has a great collection of puzzle solutions for you including Cast Quartet & more. Brand, Hanayama. Puzzle Master Cast Quartet puzzle is very popular among the puzzler Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level 5. level 6 is equivalent to our level some of the other metal puzzles, allowing you to reverse engineer the solution.

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I guess I will just stare at this one till I get another. Home About me New additions Picture gallery Contact me. I’m sure a big part of it was luck for me, not here to brag but if you sense that this was some sort of record let me know!

To no avail, may I add!! Have hamayama tried YouTube?

How would you go about breaking and forming this bond? Recently “SWMBO” went on a trip to visit her parents for a few days, leaving me alone and qquartet to play to my heart’s content!! The difficulty level is 6 out of 6 on the Hanayama scale and 10 out of 10 on the Puzzle Master scale – this means it is about as difficult as it gets – Gulp!!!

This is the “font of all knowledge” Kevin Puzzlemad. Learn how to solve the Hanayama Cast Quartet metal puzzle. For that reason they make great stocking fillers and little gifts at Christmas. On Friday January 21st Sgt quratet. One movement is possible on either of the pairs one easily and one with more difficulty and after this you meet a dead end! I am surprised that it is possible to put it together backwards!

On Friday October 3rd Adrian Fernando wrote. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose and you will not be added to any mailing lists. There are two approaches to hanaayma puzzle and I challenge you to both! I checked a solution on youtube, it was somewhat shorter than mine, but that was based sopution an extremely spagetti-like confoguration.


Also It boosted my ego in an area where I thought I never would have such a boost. I got it apart but I still haven’t gotten it back together. Newer Post Older Post Home. I believed that my systematic attempt had exhausted all the simple rotations and orientation changes so I tried other moves but could get nothing to work at all and I started to think about looking at the solution.

So, at any moment I could just turn it all in first reassambled starting position. Kevin 6 October at There are several very good videos showing the reassembly – you are right it is very tough. I’ve tried to solve the puzzle without help, but now the puzzle is messed up and the two squares are in opposite way see picture.

Hopefully your next choices will give you as much pleasure. And in few days, after playing with it for an hour or two each day, I manage to put the puzzle appart and remembered all the moves. Hours I tell ya, stuck with a broken puzzle! Initial attempts rapidly lead to the conclusion that this is not going to be a quickie! Yeah it’s always annoying when that happens.

PuzzleMad: Hanayama Cast Quartet

I do eat and drink and unfortunately have to work! I suspect that a bit of force won’t do any harm – you have little to lose at this stage. It looked so cool when I saw it. I knew this and I refrained from looking whilst I was trying to solve it. There are two approaches to this puzzle and I challenge you to both! If you just turn and twist it arround in your hands without much attention it can get some results but it also doesn’t make things much clearer, especially with the hard puzzles.

I did not know that the prototypes were available! I will be writing a writing a review on the Cast Vortex soon, which is a Level 5 difficulty Hanayama puzzle, so stay tuned!!!


Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet | Puzzle Master Inc

This meant it could move this bit more freely than the others. Solve the difficult wooden ball puzzle How To: Becuase given the many symmetries it has, I doubt there’s anything like “solved but backwards”, so maybe I’m completely lost in what you mean. Is it weird that I solved this in five minutes?

Solve a 2×2 Rubik’s Cube using only two algorithms How To: BUT, if you easily get frustrated then avoid it – as Brian said “it is almost too tough”. I was quite determined to remember the moves and so really struggled to get any further.

Disassemble and reassemble 2×2 Rubik’s Cube puzzles How To: The key word is “Bond. Therefore, a short while after I was able to remove it completely from the mess I thought I’d created.

Saturday, 2 February Hanayama Cast Quartet. Anywho, the next struggle was to reassemble the Quartet back to its starting shape, with two interlinked solid squares.

These reviews are written by our customers. At least for me, the first I came across not knowing it at the time!!

Cast Quartet

On Thursday December 18th Hanayaama wrote. If you are after a seriously tough puzzle then go for this one, it looks great and will keep you busy for a long time. Chris Lang Ham 20 April at I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day, the couple of hours before dinner and the rest of the evening, avoiding conversation and instead puzzling with the Quartet.