You would say goat by saying meke. A personal computer PC is a multipurpose electronic computer whose size, capacity and price make it feasible for individual use. Kasa gudisuvava for men. The CPU chip contains millions of tiny transistorsthat work together. Computer is an extension of the word Compute, which is something determined by calculation.

However, if you were to get more specific, then you cannot trulyconsider either of these to be true. Theshortened version of this word in Kannada that is most often usedis kddjig. Why is a computer called a computer? Like how in science we study the basics of everything so in computer science we study about the basics of computers. Ask New Question Sign In. Kannada is a language spoken in India, especially in the state ofKarnataka.

A wide range of software applications “programs” are available for Personal computers including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheets, databases, web browsers, e-mail, digital media playback, video games and many personal productivity and special purpose software applications.

Why computer called computer not calculator? The problem with bus is that if on computer goes down, the entire network goes down. There were a class of microcomputers entering the business sector inand getting to be normal amid the s. What would you like to do? A typical computer consists of many subsystems – main unit, display, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, and many other possible subsystems.

What was the first call to computer before they call it computer? Internet says its Seegadi in Kannada. Theshortened version of this word in Kannada that is most essay on ganaka yantra usedis kddjig. How do you make a computer to computer call on Skype? There are three basic binary functions in electronics: This page may be out of date. Would you like essay on ganaka yantra merge this question into it?

For words like Computer, Mobile and all essay on ganaka yantra, usually, we start off with taking the Sanskrit route to form a word!

essay on ganaka yantra in kannada

Essay on ganaka yantra the word existed previously, it had been used to describe “a person who computes or performs calculations. Its called Royyalu in Telugu. Why is the CPU called the brain of the computer? Server is usually the correct answer in general, but you also have switches, routers, and on older networks, hubs.

I think people use the same word in Hindi as well! However any small computer now for home or desktop use essay on ganaka yantra called a personal computer.

Ask New Question Sign In. Whenmachines took over the job the name “computer” stuck. Believe it or not, the English “tulip” is pronounced”tulip” in Kannada.

The leaves are round, spongy with a very aromatic flavour. Strilinga – female ; Pullinga – male. Software for personal computers such as applications apps and video games are normally developed and distributed independently of hardware essay on ganaka yantra OS essay on ganaka yantra while software for many mobile phones and other portable systems is approved and distributed through A centralized online store.

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Which computer component is called the brain of a computer? Why is a computer called a computer why not calculator? In thissense, you can consider the computer’s CPU Central ProcessingUnit a brain, and you could consider the motherboard to be amodified heart. Which computer are called micro computer? What is the pure Kannada word for ‘power’? Why is computer call essay on ganaka yantra computer system?

It’s free to call other skype users, and you can have conference calls of up 5 people with the current version. I think we can use that for Mobile. The original computers were huge, often as big as a room in a building. In a sense all calculators are “computers” that allow you to supply input, press a function button and obtain an output. What is the manipulation of data by a computer called?

A workstation or terminal. The word computer comes from before the digital age, where essay on ganaka yantra who sat in a room doing computations all day were known as computers. The name was given essay on ganaka yantra people who would be given verydifficult mathematical equations to “compute” the answers to.

Essay on ganaka yantra who speak this language come from the state ofKarnataka. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Threaded Mode Linear Mode essay on ganaka yantra in kannada. Why is CPU called the brain of computer? Connected to a local area network LAN either by cable or a wireless connection.

However, if you were to get more specific, then you cannot trulyconsider either of these to be true.

Why is a computer screen called CRT?

Yes, software such essay on ganaka yantra Skype and Vonage allows users to do this very thing. Why computer called essay on ganaka yantra computer sciences? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Kasa gudisuvavalu for woman. The word is derived from Sanskrit. A cpu is called the brain of the computer because thats where the computer thinks and gives you all of the information that you need and or want to find.

If you are not satisfied with above reply . Why is it computer called computer not calculator? Why are computers called binary computers?