This translation is made from the text edited by Stojan Novakovic in Zakonik Stephana Dusana, Belgrade, This is a scholarly and full work. It contains the. : Dusanov zakonik (Serbian Edition) (): Stefan Dusan Nemanjic: Books. V. Mošin, Vlastareva sintagma i Dušanov zakonik u Studeničkom “Otečniku”,. Starine JAZU 42, Zagreb 9. Ст. Новаковић, Законик Стефана Душана.

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The legislative power of the ruler, who was at the head of a strong centralized State, was expressed in the Code. Burr, Malcolm November Kazhdan, Zxkonikzzkonik. There have been discovered 25 manuscripts transcripts that originated in the period from dusajov 14th to 19th century. The ruling dusanpv possessed hereditary allodial estates, dusanov zakonik were worked by dusanov zakonik sebrithe equivalent of Greek paroikoi ; peasants owing labour services, formally bound by decree.

Dušan’s Code

The code was used as a reference for Serbian communities under Turkish rule, which exercised considerable legal autonomy in civil cases. The second edition served as the basis of many new editions and translations into foreign languages, and as the main edition for scientific interpretation in the science of history and law. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking.

On the Law Further commandeth our Imperial Majesty: The Slavonic and East European Review. The Code also maintained law and order, not limiting azkonik against crime and insults, but also gave responsibility to specific communities; it stated the existing custom that each territory was responsible and liable for keeping order; e.

And concerning the Latin heresy: Struga manuscript of State Library, Moscow, Cod.

A monograph on the legislation of Stephan Dusan was published by Alexander V. Such a relation between Church and State came from Byzantium and remained unchanged all until the fall of the Serbian Empire. And these clergymen shall be those who have been blessed by their archpriests to become clergy, to bind and to set free. But if he refuse to be baptized, let his wife and children be taken from him, and let a part of his house be allotted to them, and let him be driven forth. Zigelj, according to the outstanding transcript of V.


Tsar and Autocrat of the Serbs and Greeks”. In that way he wanted to show respect to the Byzantine legal order sanctified by the authority of the Orthodox Church and a thousand year old great empire.

It had a total of articles. No lords or any other persons shall marry without the blessing of their own archpriest, or of those chosen and appointed as priests by the archpriests.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In were added articles from the th to the last one, duaanov order that as many dusxnov relationships as possible be standardized by means of law. Public Domain Malcolm, Noel Vostani Serbie-Love from Greece!!!

And let them establish in the churches the rules for monastic communities for the monks and in the monasteries too, as may be duswnov for each monastery. The church court tried members of the clergy for all crimes.

Churches shall be governed by the Disanov Tsar, and the Patriarch, and the Logothete, and by none other. In this manner shall Christianity be purged. The Byzantine style of the Palaeologue epoch became dominant in the Serbian architecture. The bishops shall not curse the Christians for spiritual sins: And if any Church principal be found to have taken bribes, let all his property be taken away from him.

On Poor Women Any poor woman unable to litigate Or defend herself shall choose an attorney Who shall speak on her behalf.

Immediately after he had ascended the throne, Dushan enlarged his territory, so that the Serbian state soon extended from the Danube to the Gulf of Corinth and from the Adriatic to the Aegean Sea. It has also a long introduction which deals with the circumstances of the enactment and publication of the Code, and it has also an appendix in which the code is transliterated dusanoc modern Serbian Cyrillic, and in which many of the articles are translated into modern Serbian.


Dušanov zakonik – Wikipedia

The code also defined the different types of landholding specifying the various rights and obligations that went with various categories of landthe rights of inheritance, the position of slaves, and the position of serfs. Even Tsar Dusanog wrote charters and signed in Greek. The rights and obligations of the lords and peasants were dealt with in the second, larger part of articles.

Florinski added to his study zakonki integral texts of four manuscripts — the Struga, Athos, Ravanica and Sofia manuscript. Subject to credit zskonik. Retrieved 5 February The thanks of all concerned are due to Professor Betts for goings through and revising the Translator’s Notes on the clauses of the Code, and for furnishing the above Bibl.

And no wedding shall take place without nuptials. Christians who have turned to the use of unleavened bread shall return to the Christian observance. For a series of laws is not the same type of source as a visitor’s description of a society. Soloviev, Zakonodarstvo Stephana DusanaSkoplje, That was why he used Byzantine laws and canons of the Byzantine Church as his own. It defined the labor dues serfs owed zakonnik their lords article 68 but also gave them the right to lay plaint against their master before the Emperor’s court article l