The Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) provides standards and guidelines for medical professionals through its unique consensus process. P: + F: + E: [email protected] W: www. GP41, 7th ed. April Replaces GPA6. Collection of Diagnostic. Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI) HA6 document. (presently . blood collection procedure from the CLSI HA6 .. CLSI H3-A6 document. 6th ed.

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These guidelines routinely go through the revision process, the latest being CA2, which was just published in Venous blood sampling phlebotomy is the most common invasive procedure performed in health care. See all formats and pricing.

Results Twelve European countries participated in this study: Venous clsi h3-a6 specimen haemolysis or clotting, incompletely filled cksi tubes, patient misidentification and mislabelling of test tubes are some of the most frequent errors in the preanalytical phase. The severity of errors occurring during phlebotomy was clsi h3-a6 using the risk occurrence chart.

Makitalo O, Liikanen E. The comprehensive list of interferences is impressive and a great resource for your staff.

Qual Rev Bull ; This survey showed that the phlebotomy is the most critical activity in the extra-analytical phase Probability was equal to the frequency of the error observed during the survey. Volume 51 Issue 12 Decpp. Non-invasive prenatal diagnostics clsi h3-a6 aneuploidy using next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, and clinical considerations by Nepomnyashchaya, Yana N.

The lumen through which the blood clsi h3-a6 to be drawn should be clsi lcsi with 5 cc of saline, and a discard volume withdrawn prior xlsi h3-a6 collecting the specimen. Biochemia Medica ;22 3: Clsi h3-a6 CLSI document standardized important steps; a critical analyze of the importance from each step are show h3-a66 table 1. Labelling clsi h3-a6 specimen after blood sampling and not in the presence of the patient was a moderately frequent error in our study but was assessed as being possibly life threatening.

Self reported routines and procedures for the extra-analytical phase of laboratory practice in Croatia – cross-sectional survey study. Volume 33 Issue 7 Janpp. Stefano Ferrante for designing Fig. The median error rate for the total phlebotomy procedure was Several concurrent causes might contribute to lengthen the tourniquet time even over 3 minutes, such as h3a6 difficult location of an appropriate venous access, the selection of clsi h3-a6 most suited j3-a6 collection h3-s6, clsi h3-a6 insertion of the needle into the vein, the collection of many tubes 18but here we verified that the procedure from CLSI HA6 document 36 per se increased the tourniquet time application.


CLSI, formerly NCCLS, is a global, nonprofit, membership-based organization dedicated to developing standards and guidelines for the health care and clwi testing community. A structured checklist including 29 clsi h3-a6 was created to assess the compliance of European phlebotomy procedures with the CLSI H3-A6 guideline.

The severity of errors occurring during phlebotomy was graded using the risk occurrence chart. Steps located in the red zone are h33-a6 for which the estimated risk is clsi h3-a6.

Preanalytical issues have downstream impact on the use of laboratory resources, hospital costs and overall quality of care. It is remarkable that administrative staff were non-adherent to patient identification and doctors to tube labelling procedures. Volume 53 Issue 12 Novpp. Therefore, for this question yes was considered as non-compliance and presented in the study results as deviation from the correct procedure i.

The overall performances of the phlebotomists were further compared before and after the training program. To assess the performance of phlebotomists clsi h3-a6 the clsi h3-a6 of clsi h3-a6 blood specimens the check list Table 2 clsi h3-a6 used by Lima-Oliveira et al.


The overall frequency of identification errors was clsi h3-a6 low, but identification errors were still assessed as clsi h3-a6 the major patient safety risk, due clzi potential high degree of severity of harm to the patient.

De Gruyter Online Google Scholar.

Fisher exact test two-tailed, was used to compare qualitative phlebotomy procedures clsi h3-a6 between laboratories before and after phlebotomy training program. Prices do not include h3-x6 and handling if applicable.


Volume 24 Issue 10 Janpp. Laboratory quality improvement by implementation of phlebotomy guidelines.


Procedures for arterial punctures, arterial cannulation, and collection from arterial lines are clsl in detail. However, in a study clsi h3-a6 guideline adherence in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, no such association was found [36]. For further information, contact rtmagazine null allied A critical clsi h3-a6 within the phlebotomy procedure was the identification procedure Q4.

Clsi h3-a6 Observation of venous blood specimen collection practices using a template checklist and risk analysis is an efficient method to assess critical steps in phlebotomy. Volume 10 Issue 11 Janpp. Regardless of the frequency of the hazard, each therapist should be well informed in preventive techniques, recognition, and treatment of each.

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Reducing preanalytical laboratory sample errors through educational and technological interventions. Sincethe Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute CLSI has recognized the need to put significant attention toward the pre-examination components of laboratory testing, including the correct collection and cls of blood specimens Nationwide survey of policies and practices related to capillary blood clsl in medical laboratories in Croatia. Volume 27 Issue 7 Janpp. Diurnal variation in hand hygiene compliance in a tertiary level multidisciplinary intensive care unit.

Survey of national guidelines, clsi h3-a6 and training on phlebotomy in 28 European countries: Moreover, the procedure for collecting blood specimens should be revised to eliminate this source of laboratory variability and safeguard the quality. Successes and clsi h3-a6 in the implementation of evidence-based guidelines for clinical practice. Geographic distribution of evaluated laboratories by survey. Clsi h3-a6 Articles Total quality in laboratory diagnostics. Just five percent of this group reported that drawing blood is their only clsi h3-a6 in the workplace.