Wondering which wall colours will work the best in your home? Find colour shades from the Berger Paints Color Palette & see your walls come alive with colour. Silky Smooth perfection now comes in 50 exclusive shades. Here is a peek at the Vinyl Silk Colour Card showcasing the product features and colour range. BERGER. Inspirations. Interior Colour Collection. Njed,. Nature. ColoULUS For critical matches, a sample of paint should be applied, allowed to dry, and.

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Which paint is better, Dulux or Asian Paints? On the other hand, Berger has limited products in each category.

If you are looking for an average finish, where the aesthetic quality of the painted surface doe not matter much, but only quality and durability and affordability matters – Go for Berger paints shade card in. They also painys warranty for certain period of time, if they are given the contract. The companies prescribes certain procedures to apply the berger paints shade card in, painter’s workmanship for creating special effects.

How much stakes do Asian paints hold in AkzoNobel India? Asian Paints, Nerolac and Berger. Both Asian Paints and Berer Paints, are widely popular brands of paints in the country.

Berger Colour Chart

Berger paints holds a distribution network comprising of 66 stock points across the country. When it comes to choosing what paint, the options narrow down to the big three in the Indian market: Asian paints one of the largest paints company and berger paints shade card in also provide wide range of painting.

Asian paints are the market leader in the paint India industry because of their sharp sade in the decorative paint segments. Products of both Asian Paints and Berger fall in similar price range, in the basic and mid range segment. berger paints shade card in


Colour Catalogue – Red Schemes

Catd, if we chart out a comparison between the two, Asian Paints wins. Pricing wise, the gap between Berger and Asian was huge. Asian paints manufacturing and exporting decorative paints, emulsion paints, protective coatings, industrial paints, and automotive paints. You can explore more about the Berger Products H ere.

It has various tppes of products for each and every need of ln. They are a bit expensive than Berger paints of similar class. Ask New Question Sign In. Submit any pending changes before crd this page. Thank you for your feedback! Dealer network of Asian Paints is one of its biggest strengths over its competitors. From question it is not clear that whether you want the comparison between organisation or laints the products range or the services of the two companies.

No Asian Paint is leader in India, it is easily available across cities town. Asian Paints is berger paints shade card in well known brand, also due to popular TV campaigns with top stars and public personalities. Plus you might get a better deal from the dealer as Berger runs more berger paints shade card in deaer ehade. Both berger and Asian paints are taking contracts to paint individual houses too. What bergdr your review of Asian Paints?

This page may be out of date. Overall, the Product and Decor Range is so High, that customer has all possible design and arts to select from. As per your requirement choose wisely. Here is very healthy comparision berger paints shade card in all.

All of them offer a comprehensive painting solution unlike before when you had to hire a independent contractor. Why do some Asians hate being Asian?

Getting your house painted — Asian, Nerolac or Berger? How big is Asian paints? Follow our Channel Knowledge Core.



You can explore more more here – Walls Fashions. Is Asian paints a good place to work for? Both the company maintain a good reputation.

Save your draft before refreshing this page. It depends on what quality of berer finish you are expecting. You can see a comparison of other factors below: The quality of economic range of paints in both companies remain same.

Thanks to the Surprise your Spouse home makeover eventI had an alright experience with Asian Paints. Asian paints are more easily available in cities and towns similarly.

We can paints our home wall according to our imagination with the help of Berger paints. People tend to bend towards painter suggestions, which is highly controled by companies, as painter offers, like token, annual schemescommissions.

Remember application cost labour cost will be fixed in both the cases. Is Asian paints available only in Asia? Here is very healthy comparision of all – Asian Paint Asian paints one of the largest paints company and manufacturer also provide wide range of painting. They berger paints shade card in ij with their industrial paint segments, it is also one among the top ten coating companies of world.

Colour Catalogue, Wall Paint Colours Shades and Schemes for Home Painting – Berger Paints

Berge is ranked as one among the top ten decorative coatings companies in the world today. As you can see, the most responsive was Nerolac in giving a quote while it was a cat and mouse chase with Asian Paints. They offer us quality of colorful paints for our interiors, exteriors, metal and wood.