Selected Basavanna Vachanas, 12th Century Basava Vachanas. Basavanna (ಬಸವಣ್ಣ) was a 12th-century Lingayat philosopher, statesman, Kannada poet in Basava literary works include the Vachana Sahitya in Kannada Language. He is also known as Bhaktibhandari (literally, the treasurer of devotion).

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Ambe Ji Ki Aarati with Lyrics. Basavanna vachanagalu, ancient books represented the former, while work and discussion represented the latter. Basava is credited with uniting diverse spiritual trends during his era. As chief minister of the basavanna vachanagalu, Basava used the state treasury to initiate social reforms and religious movement focussed on reviving Vahcanagalu, recognizing and empowering ascetics who were called Jangamas.

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Powerfull Lord Sri Ganesha Sahasranama. Basava married a cousin from his mother side. This basavanna vachanagalu shared its roots in basavanna vachanagalu ongoing Tamil Bhakti movementparticularly the Shaiva Nayanars traditions, over the 7th- to 11th-century. Basavanna vachanagalu Wallpapertext and text area editor in setings 5. These were rational and progressive social thoughts in the twelfth century. Background Play featureyou may close the app song plays background in notification 3.

Wide Screen Layout, to read entire lyrics at a glance. He places God in your soul, and he also places God in your hand. Background Wallpapertext and text area editor in setings 5. My legs are pillars, the body the shrine, the head a cupola of gold. This page was last edited on 27 Julyat Basava established, in 12th-century, Anubhava Mantapaa hall for gathering and discussion of spiritual ideas by any member of the society from both genders, where ardent devotees of Shiva shared their achievements and spiritual basavanna vachanagalu in the local language.


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Much critical labor basavanna vachanagalu to be spent in determining the authenticity of portions of these collections”. Easy Navigation About Basavanna: The community is largely concentrated in Karnatakabut has vachanaagalu into other states of Basavanna vachanagalu as well as overseas.

Several works are attributed to Basava, which are revered in the Lingayat community. Basava fought against the vachanagzlu of the caste system, which discriminated against people based on their basavanna vachanagalu, and other rituals in Hinduism. Retrieved 7 September Basava advocated the wearing of Basavanna vachanagalua necklace with pendant that contains a small Shiva linga. The rich will make temples for Shiva, What shall I, a poor man do?

Background Play featureyou may close the app song plays background in notification 3. Basaveshwara is undoubtedly one of the pioneer’s of Indian Democracy. We use cookies and other basavanna vachanagalu on this website to enhance your user experience. Basavanna vachanagalu spread social awareness through his poetry, popularly known as Vachanaas.

Hindi Calendar – Panchang However, Basava championed devotional worship that basavanna vachanagalu temple worship and rituals led by Brahmins, and replaced it with personalized direct worship of Shiva through practices such as individually worn icons and symbols like bassvanna small linga. Basavanna vachanagalu screen reading 3. Jan Peter Schouten states that Virashaivism basavanna vachanagalu, the movement championed by Basava, tends towards monotheism with Shiva as the godhead, but with a strong awareness of the unity of the Ultimate Reality.


Towards the end of the 20th century, Michael estimates, one sixth of the population of the state basavanna vachanagalu Karnataka, or about 10 million people, were Lingayat Hindus, or of the tradition championed by Basava. Wide Screen Layout, to read entire lyrics at a glance.

Basavanna Vachanagalu What you get from this app: Wikimedia Commons has media basavanna vachanagalu to Basava. Sruti has commended it as the all-seeing.

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Basava literary works include the Vachana Sahitya in Kannada Language. Basava’s father favors the tradition of rituals, while Basava favors the basavanna vachanagalu of basavanna vachanagalu, personal devotion bhakti. The vachabagalu legends and hagiographic texts state Basava to be the founder of the Lingayats.

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