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The Diagram shows the position at hlpper stage. The success of his Back Game depends on being able to spread some of his outside men, and if these men have been forced to run far ahead of schedule the backbone of his Back Game is broken.

If luck favors him; so much the better, but regardless of good or bad throws of the dice, he puts into his play the fascinating factor of skill.

While luck plays a great part in the results of the game where players are equally matched, still, a skillful player backgamnon paired against a haphazard one, will far excel his inexperienced adversary.

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Today, in the leading clubs, Backgammon hoppef fast supplanting Bridge, and while anyone can learn the game, still to play it skillfully and have a true appreciation of it, requires a knowledge of definite strategies of play. Diagram 8 Here White has played his [3] and [1] by moving one man from his 8 point to his 5 point, and another man from his 6 point to his 5 point.

A blot seven points away from your opponent can only be hit with a combination throw, and the chances of being hit are about 5 to 1 at backgam,on distance. Have one to sell? This item will be hoper through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Its endless diversity of play and amusement will fully compensate all who undertake its study.

If White can hit this blot he has his Back game well under way and even though he is about 16 throws behind as the position stands, if he can ho;per hitting the Black man as it retravels around the board and at the same time succeed in hitting another Black blot he has an excellent chance for victory. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

Black has thrown [Double Sixes] and only having 3 men on his 6 point is entitled to remove the three men from his 6 point and one man from his next highest point. Learn more – opens in backgammpn window or tab Seller information thrift. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

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The following example illustrates this important strategy of the end game. The blots may be hit, but it is difficult for your opponent to hit them and also cover the point, and the risk is well Worth taking. Doubling and Chouette Chouette 9. If you’d like to get the additional items you’ve selected to qualify for this backggammon, close this window and add these items to your cart.

A [1] can be thrown on the dice in the following ways: By keeping yourself posted on your position you will know exactly when you have caught up with your opponent milkard when you find you are several throws ahead you can abandon your Back Game tactics and race your men home in the shortest possible moves, using the throws so that each play will bring a checker from one table to another.

The student should study this set-up of the board a number of times until he is familiar with the placement of his men and the movement of the pieces.

The Back game is only adopted as an alternative when your opponent has gained an overwhelming lead in the game. He must first re-enter his man from the Bar on the 3 point for the first [3].

This leaves a Blot on his 11 point, but the blot is safe here, for Black cannot hurdle your 4 Blocked Points with any throw and strike this man. Joseph Franklin Montague for the constructive assistance extended me in the preparation of the work.

In throwing off, when your Home table is closed and your opponent has men on the Bar, it is safest to move men up in your Home table rather than to take men off for the throws. He moves a man from the 4 point to the 1 point for the [3] and a man from the 2 point to the 1 point for the [1].


Supposing your opponent has locked your two outposts in his Home table on his one Point and has already brought all his men into his Home table and is bearing off his men, your only chance of victory is in holding these men in position in the hopes of his having to leave a blot as he bears his men and of your hitting same.

If your opponent is ahead of you when bearing off, never play up men from your 4 or 3 points while you still have a large number of men on your 6 point. There are, however, certain occasions in the game wherein a knowledge of mathematical probability can be used to advantage, and especially when you wish to find the safest point to leave an exposed blot.

The student should make the moves on his Backgammon board to better visualize the plays. This leaves point 5 Blocked to your opponent as it holds more than one man. Generally, the first six throws suffice to show you which style of game to adopt. Now suppose the White decided to play the [6] and [5] throw of the dice another way.


Some players prefer to play this by moving one man to their 5 point; others play a man to the Bar point and one to their 11 point, but each of these plays are risky. By calculating his lead, you can tell whether this is necessary for you to overtake him. If you can get four or more men sent back to restart in his Home table, and can manage to occupy three points in his Home table you have a good chance for victory.

An experienced player will try and avoid hitting these blots and make it more difficult for you to add more men to the two men in his Home table.

Get an immediate offer. When your opponent has borne most of his men and you have rehit one of his men and have it locked in your Home table, you should immediately strip all the bafkgammon Blocked points in his Home table to one man.

Scoring The player who first bears all his men from the Board wins a Single Game. If he leaves blots in your Home table in trying to get control of these vital points, rehit these blots immediately so that he cannot cover same with another man and secure the point.

Special thanks must be given to my esteemed friend, Dr.

Win at Backgammon by Millard Hopper | eBay

Another counter to the Running Game is a Back game, but this gopper be adopted just as soon as vackgammon opponent has a winning lead over you; otherwise it will not prove effective.

Skip to main content. If you can gain control of the majority of points in your Home table you need have no fear of hitting his outside blots.

Let us assume, as often happens, that bad luck comes in bunches — and Black throws a [6] and [1]. As soon as a player has secured three points, he brings around additional men as reinforcements to build new points and lengthen the blockade. He must remember that if he hits one of the blots and cannot block the point at the same time, his own single man on that point will be liable to be re-hit by the Black man when it re-enters from the Bar.

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