Drawing on early interviews with the organisers, and on an initial survey of residents at the point where they received the donated computers, we drew out the difficulties inherent in claiming that building a computer network would build a more cohesive community on the estate, by generating social connectedness and social capital Meredyth, et al. Carroll and Mary Beth Rosson, This was not seamless. Data from the Atherton Gardens server confirmed this broad indication that residents were using the network. This need not be tied to moralistic campaigns. As expected, a high proportion were unemployed or dependent on social welfare payments, including sickness benefits, and many fitted the category of high need users of social services.

A more qualitative inspection of those domains that received more than one but less than hits indicated that people were making regular use of education, health and government information sites. Training manuals were available in various languages. And like the towers themselves, this ambitious construction was not organic to its environment: The inquiry considered the potential for reinvented forms of homework learning through advances in technology, such as flipped learning, and found homework clubs provide benefits in overcoming disadvantage. By , these efforts were redirected to a new idea: Our sincere thanks also go to the Atherton Gardens residents, to Infoxchange for their collaboration and to the many community members, stakeholders and agencies who contributed to the study.

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Sustainability of community engagement – in the hands of stakeholders? There are currently no endorsements for this member. Drawing on interviews with organisers and partners, we describe expectations atherton gardens homework support program with the scheme and the extent to which they were borne out in practice.

We were interested in a number of factors: A highly valuable and rewarding experience. Asked how they felt about living at Atherton Gardens, most respondents were positive about the estate, its governance and their ability to participate in resident meetings; they were concerned about security, however. But both projects also have substantial points in common.

Will it improve access to information about public affairs as well as public services? The extreme popularity of neopets suggested that children were making frequent use of the Internet.

Tenants also told us that some groups, such as Turkish families, were concerned about the social and moral dangers of information technology, so were unlikely to be involved. But communication and contacts would spread out beyond the local: The network gives them a kind of informational mobility. atherton gardens homework support program

There were hits to the Fitzroy Library the local public library. This member has indicated they may be unable atherton gardens homework support program respond to all messages promptly. Content was supplied in a range of languages. Of the households on the estate, were contacted by phone, doorknock, fliers and word of mouth. Publicity from partners in the project can be found at Victorian Department of Human Services Web site at http: The estate has an unemployment rate more than seven times the Melbourne average.

The residents are supposed to end up with some degree of control over how services are provided. A range of Australian government sites were accessed: Telephone lists were known to be unreliable, given transience and turnover.

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Special interest sites accessed included: It took some time to secure sufficient funding to wire the estate and install the personal computers. Young people especially were likely to be frustrated by these limits, keen to use music and games applications and conscious of the contrast with what their friends from more prosperous atherton gardens homework support program could access at home.

Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. We supplemented this early research, before the network was fully established, by observations on the estate, particularly in the community centre and the training centre ISR, a.

They are using it to contact their families in other countries, to find out about useful services and community atherton gardens homework support program and to read foreign newspapers. The research was conducted with Liza Hopkins and Scott Ewing, with assistance from Liss Ralston in statistical analysis see Meredyth, et al. On this second point community networks such as Atherton Gardens may eventually be judged [ 5 ].

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In the month of Novemberthere were 17, hits recorded to the Atherton Gardens intranet. Respondent indicated that they were using the Atherton Gardens Community Network.

They were encouraging their children to become computer literate and to solve problems by making use of the full range of information available online. This is an experience I value highly and will never forget. The computing room, located in the community centre on the estate, also had broadband access, ten public access computers, atherton gardens homework support program printer, scanner and zip drives.

Many were seeking education and training opportunities; those with children in particular were likely to say they intended to use their new computer atherton gardens homework support program help their children with homework, or to extend their own schooling.

Carroll and Mary Beth Rosson, The experience I had during my time working with my tutee at the Atherton Gardens Homework Support Program was a really positive one, and one that I will never atherton gardens homework support program. For a small charge, residents can also surf the Web or upgrade their equipment and connection. The idea was to take advantage of the latest scheme, on the part of the Victorian Department of Human Services to renovate the housing estate, to rewire the four towers and link them to a concierge security system, in which all tenants would be able to communicate electronically with a security officer at the entrance to the estate.

The level of cultural diversity amongst residents would have been impossible to foresee forty years ago.