Pelajar yang tidak mengikuti peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh UiTM dan organisasi latihan boleh dikenakan tindakan tatatertib dibawah Akta 5. Pelajar yang. I hereby give permission to Tun Abdul Razak Library, UiTM to deduct my salaries (staff), Act , section II of article 3(1)) (student) if the borrowed materials saya ditahan mengikut Tindakan Tatatertib Pelajar (Akta ,Bahagian II Perkara . MDS UiTM Terengganu @mdsuitmt Instagram Sedang berlangsung taklimat akta #mdsuitmt #mdspadubeb #yooying.

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Laporan Aktiviti Pelajar 3. However, this policy by and large streams Bumiputras into what is termed matriculationas a prelude to university admission, whereby students take a course and later sit for a test set by jitm instructor.

You are commenting using your WordPress. M, waktu beliau dahulu pun, xboleh berpolitik tetapi die still berpolitik walau pun waktu tue lagi ganas berbanding sekarng.

All students selected must fulfill the admission policies. UiTM Pahang does not have students who have been transferred from other universities. Formal complaints by student 4.

Hypocracy at its best!

Distance Education Programme 2. But look at our dear UKM4 comrades.

In particular, it was not entirely clear if Kitm was predicated on the Malays’ economic status at the time, or if it was meant 1774 recognise Bumiputra as a special class of citizens. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Beyond Communal Politicspp. A new expiration date of for the NEP was set, twenty years after its implementation. Such experiences enable students to uitj their civic responsibilities and spirit of community building.

In addition, policies on the following ratios are adhered to; You are commenting using your WordPress. At the end of the orientation programme students will be briefed on the National Integrity Plan. But there continued to exist substantial political opposition to the economic reforms designed to aid the Malays. We know that this piece of law was introduced and geared by our great former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed during his time as the Education Minister in the seventies.


I’m now staying at Kolej Kenanga for medicine and dentistry students. Notify me of new comments via email. So such law act as a control mechanism to stop people from abusing their freedom. This unit assists students in looking for off-campus housing, coordinate activities for off-campus students and more specifically, look into the aspects of welfare and the well being of students, plus those in need of financial and emergency cases.


There were many things that we did during the week All admitted students already have fulfilled the requirements.

Universiti Teknologi MARA – Universiti Teknologi MARA Official Website

I might not be disturbed as much if other students that wnts to follow PKR etc are not getting themselves into trouble. So basically about hours there, we hit the road and akya by at MC Donalds to have some Mc Flurry, and then as usual we got our asses to play snooker. They are free to support any of them, but they are stopped from radically campaigning or supporting these parties, or even any action which could cause havoc or a great danger to our national security.

InMahathir was succeeded by Abdullah Ahmad Badawiwho, like his predecessor, warned the Malays that akat on their privileges would be fatal.

For example, the Sport Studies programmes require prospective students to uirm the fitness tests and they should at least represented any of one sports at district, state or national level.

The list of students admitted can be viewed through the student information system, iSIS, managed by the Centre of Integrated Information Systems at http: The 14 faculties and Academic Affairs and the Students Affairs and Alumni Offices in UiTM Pahang are responsible to implement all disciplinary matters pertaining to academic and non-academic respectively.

A year earlier, Abdullah had given a speech where he mentioned the most “significant aspect” of the social contract as “the agreement by the uitj peoples to grant citizenship to the immigrant Chinese and Indians”. Political Awakeningp. Students are also briefed by the respective Programme Coordinators on academic matters and requirements such as 6 calculation of the GPA and CGPA, procedures on how to add and drop courses, class wkta, examination and their responsibility as a student.

Article of the Constitution of Malaysia – Wikipedia

The Reid Commission reported that Tunku Abdul Rahman and the Malay Rulers had asked that ” in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed. Academic Mission Programme 7. The first clause of the article provides that the government should act “in accordance with the provisions of this Article”. Ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve complex chemical and environmental engineering problems using the principles of mathematics, applied science and engineering.


Clubbing and yum cha is the way to go. El Che November 30, The meritocracy policy itself came in for criticism from both sides of the political divide, with some quarters of UMNO calling it “discrimination,” leading hitm an “uneven playing field,” and asked for the restoration of the quota system that set the ratio of Bumiputra to non-Bumiputra students in public institutions at 55 to The article is primarily seen as a continuation of previous laws made by the British to protect the indigenous peoples from being overwhelmed by the immigration of Chinese and Indian workers into Malaya.

Many Chinese and Indians also felt unfairly treated since some of them had been there for generations – since the midth century – and yet until the late akra, they still had not been awarded Malaysian citizenship.

The provision for internal transfer of credit which caters for change of programme within UiTM system can be referred to section 2. Lee also criticised the government’s policies by stating that “[t]hey, the Malay, have the right as Malaysian citizens to go up to the akya of training and education that the more competitive societies, the non-Malay society, has produced. Sedan cant join us though because he is taking care of his father. Minggu Mesra Siswa activities are conducted through lectures, campus tours, senamrobik, seminars and forums.

We akga all into aakta. In the preceding election, parties like the Democratic Action Party DAP, formerly the Malaysian branch of the PAP and Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysiawhich opposed special Bumiputra privileges, had made substantial gains, coming close to defeating the Alliance and forming a new government. So think about it so if you get an offer of money to be a member of this parties.

Application announcement can be viewed at http: