The Marriage Proposal has ratings and 47 reviews. Srividya said: Hilarious! Enjoyed every moment of this fantastic satire on society and its idiosync. ‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekhov. 1. THE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekov I’ve come to ask for the hand of your daughter, Natalya Stepanovna, in marriage. 20 Mar Anton Chekhov’s “The Marriage Proposal” is a fantastic one-act comedy filled with brilliant characters. Learn how it differs from Chekhov’s.

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They are again dragged into an argument over the superiority of each other’s dogs. She begs to be excused for wearing an apron and an old dress.

How do you make that out? The palpitation of his heart becomes unbearable. Excuse me; I cannot continue this discussion: They are argumentative from the start. What trust can one have a marriage proposal by anton chekhov one’s neighbours after that! In the course of their quarrel, Tschubukov enters. There’s something keeps pulling in my side.

And that blind hen, yes, that turnip-ghost has the confounded cheek to make a proposal, and so on! What are you talking about? Tschubukov warns him not to come into his house again. Underscoring this idea is A marriage proposal by anton chekhov reluctance to say anything in this romantic vein to Chekov instead, he speaks of the meadows, suggesting that the possession of land is foremost in his mind. And suppose he is? Why didn’t you tell me so before?


The comedy arises from these contradictions and their irony rather than the misunderstandings of a typical vaudeville. The author’s tone is satirical as he presents characters She starts weeping and crying, and requests a marriage proposal by anton chekhov father to call in the doctor. She wants to avoid every possibility of dispute, and wishes Lomov to make the proposal straight away.

No doubt, he has experienced the characteristics of married life. What did you marrigae, sir? I must ask your pardon, I am getting excited. He tries to explain the purpose of his visit, but he gets nervous and excited. Why, of course, my darling, and Oxen Meadows are ours, and I shan’t give them up, shan’t give them up, shan’t give them up! I assure you a marriage proposal by anton chekhov his lower jaw is shorter than the upper.

The Proposal By Anton Chekhov

He speaks of the old relations of the Lomovs and the Tschubukovs. Oh, what a burden, Lord, to be the father of a grown-up daughter!

He welcomes him and gives him a warm handshake. In proposaal the Soviet Unionthe seminal A marriage proposal by anton chekhov theatre practitioner Vsevolod Meyerhold combined The Proposal with Chekhov’s other short plays The Bear and The Anniversary to form a three-act play called 33 Swoons that demonstrated the weakness of the pre-revolutionary intelligentsia.

Tschubukov tells Lomov that the latter’s grandfather was a drunkard and that his aunt had eloped with an architect.


I know you; you’re just on the look-out for a chance to go to court, and all that If it wasn’t, madam, for this awful, excruciating palpitation, if my whole inside wasn’t upset, I’d talk to you in a different way! He just wants to be left in peace. Stepan Stepanovitch, I implore you to tell me just one thing: I did it on principle What more do I want?

I no sooner get into bed and marrriage to go off when suddenly a marriage proposal by anton chekhov in my left side—gives a pull, and I can feel it in my shoulder and head At this very moment my lips are trembling, and there’s a twitch in my right eyebrow Natalia comes and is surprised to see Lomov, because her father has told her that there is a dealer who has come to buy something.

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Immediately following the kiss, the couple gets into another argument over their dogs. The more so as I have evidence. How much hay have you stacked? Natalia feels sorry for her mistake, and admits that the Oxen Meadows belong to him.