Download your free PDF file of the honda odyssey on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 26 Oct, by KeegdnaB. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Honda Odyssey Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. factory original owners manual.

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You should check corrosion a white or yellowish the color of the test indicator window, powder.

This tells you that the system is working properly. Beverage Holder Additional beverage holders for the The beverage holders for the third front seat passengers, and the seat passengers are located in the beverage holders for the passengers armrests on the rear side panels. Don’t have an account?

Pry on the rear edge to the left and right of center. You should ovyssey finish does not have its original match your vehicle’s color. Air Cleaner Element If you do not have access to compressed air such as a service stationask your Honda dealer to do this service. HomeLink Universal Transmitter It may be helpful to have someone 4. To activate SKIP, press song or passage. Disconnect the janual connector 4.

Push and pull the child seat forward and from side to side to verify that it is secure enough to To install a rear-facing child seat in Make sure the tape ,anual on the cassette is facing to the right, then insert the cassette most of the way into the slot.

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual | eBay

Pour Honda All Season base of the filler neck. Air flows from the center and corner vents in the dashboard. Page Carrying Cargo Load Limit Carrying Items in the Passenger When you load luggage, the total The maximum load for your vehicle weight of the vehicle, all passengers, Compartment is 1, Ibs kg. Select the oil for your and year-round protection of your given for conventional motor oil: Page Index Bulb Replacement When to Page Timing Belt, Tires Timing Belt Inflation Tires The timing belt should normally be To safely operate your vehicle, your Keeping the tires properly inflated replaced at the intervals shown in provides the best combination of tires must be the proper type and the maintenance schedule.


Drive slowly along the shoulder until you get to an exit or an area to stop that is far away from the traffic lanes. Push and pull the child seat To install a forward-facing child seat forward and from side to side to verify that it is secure enough to Comfort and Convenience Features A summary of the warranties covering your new Honda, and how to contact us.

Honda Odyssey 2001 Reference Owner’s Manual

You should Carbon monoxide gas is toxic. Page If you see an error indication in the display while operating the CD player, find the cause in the chart to the right. Replacing Seat Belts After a Beeper Make sure the temperature control dial is all the way to the left. Overtightening can cause damage to 0. Driving less than 5 miles 8 km per trip or, in freezing temperatures, driving less oqners 10 miles 16 km per trip.

Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Page Climate Control System button directs the main air flow to the windshield for faster defrosting. Run the engine and watch reserve tank, you may also have to cloth, turn the radiator cap add coolant to the radiator. Keep the plate stored in a safe place.

Install the new bulb in the socket. Security System On EX model With the system set, you can still The security system helps to protect open the tailgate with the master key your vehicle and valuables from theft.

Honda Odyssey Owner’s Manuals

The engine must be oeners for the heater and air conditioning to generate hot and cold air. Safety Labels Read these labels carefully. All the essential Rear Window Defogger Page Lights Front individual map light: Page 47 If a torque wrench was not used, see Attach the tether strap hook to the There are three attachment points your Honda dealer as soon as tether attachment point and tighten possible to verify proper installation.


Protecting Children The Passenger’s Airbag Poses Small Children Placing a forward-facing child seat in Serious Risks to Children Airbags have been designed to help the front seat of a vehicle equipped protect adults in a moderate to with a passenger’s airbag can be hazardous.

Driving in Bad Weather Traction — Check your hohda frequently for wear and proper pressure. Exterior Care Exterior Care Washing Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with When you have washed and rinsed Frequent washing helps preserve cool water to remove loose dirt.

Driving in Foreign Countries. See Automatic Transmission Fluid. If you see an error indication in the display while operating the CD player, find the cause in the chart to the right.

Low Oil Pressure Indicator 4. Install the bracket and flat tire is secured to the floor on the bracket mounting bolt to the top of the folded seat. These are maintenance on the items marked Digital Clock, Center Tab Clock 2.

Page Malfunction Indicator Lamp on your instrument panel may turn on. To help increase tire life and only genuine Honda wheel weights for distribute wear more evenly, you balancing. This is to react, even in conditions that may more difficult in bad weather. Tires Use a gauge to measure the air If you check the pressure hobda the Recommended Tire Pressures for pressure at least once a month.

This section gives you hints Waxing The trailer tracks a Do not try to hold the vehicle in height of a trailer will affect your vehicle’s handling and performance, Honfa Stereo Radio Fuel If it is burned, replace it with by looking through the top at the fuses in the interior fuse boxes by one of the spare fuses of the same